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Our objective is to share joy by putting smiles on a plate.

Without cake, any celebration—whether a little get-together or a lavish party—is incomplete! We provide a wide variety of handcrafted specialty cakes that are both a visual and gustatory delight.

100% Healthy

KEYFOR CaekZone cakes are 100% healthy. We have all variety of cakes.

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We are awarded for best cake in Delhi NCR.

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INR 799.00

Twinkling Star Birthday Cake
Each piece of the obscenely rich cake, which is adorned with stars, will blow their minds away and infuse them with the calming spirit of life.

INR 599.00

Choco Glaze Truffle Cake
Any dessert fan will fall in love with this chocolate truffle for its exquisite flavours and incomparable, elegant elegance.

INR 499.00

Delish Black Forest Cake
IWithin 60 minutes, place your order for this delicious cake with red cherries and chocolate shavings on top.

INR 499.00

Creamy Pineapple Cake
Sweet pineapple flavour is present in every bite. Order it right away, and we'll bring it to your front door.

INR 499.00

Kitkat Cake
Invite loved ones over to witness as you meticulously slice through each layer of this decadent chocolate cake like you would a large Kit Kat bar.

INR 649.00

Heavenly Red Velvet Cake
We only need a delicious cake with lots of flavour to make the celebrations exciting.

INR 1249.00

Eggless All Choc Pinata Cake
Inside of an igloo-shaped chocolate fondant that is coated with liquid dark chocolate, a Ferrero Rocher chocolate ball, and a stick of KitKat chocolate is a wonderfully baked treat for you.

INR 599.00

Eggless Anniversary Vanilla Cake
On their birthday, brighten someone's day by sharing this vanilla-flavored eggless cake with them.

INR 499.00

Choco Eggless Cake
This eggless chocolate cake looks delectable and is crafted using premium ingredients.

INR 749.00

Choco Eggless Cake
Layers of whipped cream and red velvet icing are baked into the cake.

INR 649.00

Eggless Fondant Rose Cake
Layers of whipped cream and red velvet icing are baked into the cake.

INR 599.00

Coffee Cake Eggless
The great flavour of coffee takes a centre stage in this signature creation.

INR 1299.00

Angry Birds Fondant Theme Cake
This delicious cake, which comes in four flavors—Vanilla, Strawberry, Butterscotch, and Chocolate—will undoubtedly be cherished by your kids for a lifetime.

INR 1099.00

Fun Doraemon Theme Cake
A cake with adorable look and completely unparalleled flavour is sure to make your child's birthday celebrations very happy.

INR 2999.00

Theme Makeup Fondant Cake
Hence, using a fondant makeup cake, you may make her celebration flawlessly blended like her foundation.

INR 799.00

Captain America Theme Cake
A Captain America cake just has this very wonderful quality. It is excellent for Marvel fans because it is red and blue.

INR 1999.00

Car Shaped Theme Cake
Your son's birthday will be elevated to a whole new level with the help of this fantastic fondant vehicle cake.

INR 1199.00

Fun Spidey Theme Cake
This amazing Web-Slinger cake's interior is bursting with mouthwatering flavour.

Birthday Cake

Buy a surprise birthday cake for your spouse, your partner, your boyfriend, or your girlfriend. Buy now. Get birthday cakes for a discount and have them delivered to your door in three hours.

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Wedding Cake

With These Happy Anniversary Cakes, Make Your Anniversary Memorable. Every couple looks forward to their wedding anniversary because it symbolises the importance of being together for a lifetime.

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Designer Cake

For occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and many others, keyfor offers designer cakes online. To surprise your loved ones, choose a designer cake.

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Super Crispy Cakes

Crispy cakes with these chocolate rice and decorate with sweets, nuts or dried fruit for the ultimate hometime treat. There are so many options for crispy cakes. Order online.

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KEYFOR CakeZone is the right place if you are thinking about how to get designer birthday cakes, theme cakes online or customised birthday cakes for your beloved ones. You might want a Father's day cake, mother’s day cake, or for anyone, customisation is a must.

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